Finished this one up

New piano composition. Take a listen and leave some comments.

Baroquen Mandolin | cminormitch

Short Mandolin piece written for somebody learning Mandolin.

Mortem Viri, Written about the funeral of Beowulf (for a school project). | cminormitch

I wish my water was this cool.

I wish my water was this cool.

Just got done arranging a flute part for this for my friend in our school’s jazz band.  Stuck in my head now D:

Nov 7

Waltz in D Major written for the anniversary of my girlfriend and I. I wish the playback on Sibelius wasn’t so awful. | cminormitch

Nov 6
Oh ho ho semantics 

Oh ho ho semantics 

Nov 6

I will never understand people’s obsession with naming their instruments.

Nov 5

Oratio Dominum | cminormitch

First draft of SATB composition for school’s chamber choir. Computerized playback for vocals sounds awful.